HiveBeats for horse stable air quality monitoring

Horse Stable Environmental Monitoring

A horse that has been stuck inside on a hot and humid day will not be able to perform at peak physical condition when called upon. By using the HiveBeats Environmental Monitor, you can ensure your horse has is kept in the conditions most suited.

Inadequate ventilation, dusty bedding, stall cleaning, hay fed in hay nets or raised feeders (instead of at ground level), closed or small windows, closed stall fronts, overhead hay lofts, sweeping and blowing of aisle ways, and indoor riding areas can all contribute to poor air quality in the stable.

When horses are exposed to this kind of stable environment, they can develop respiratory disease. Inflammatory airway disease is among the most common problem and can over time progress to heaves (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in some horses. Poor air quality can also lead to increased mucous in the airway; coughing upon initiation of exercise, even if coughing subsides shortly; decreased stamina (which leads to decrease in performance); delayed respiratory recovery time after exercise; and exercise intolerance.

The HiveBeats Environmental Monitor logs data that can be downloaded to your smartphone (or sent directly to the cloud in real-time via the Indoor IoT Gateway, sold separately) to monitor your stables.

Horse stables are very high in endotoxins, which are found in hay, manure and grain.
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