HiveBeats for colony strength monitoring

Beehive monitoring made easy

The HiveBeats sensor is designed to fit perfectly between the frames in your brood box. By installing at least one sense in the very middle of the top brood box you can monitor the thermoregulation capabilty of the colony. When the colony is strong and healthy, you will see the temperature maintained around 34 °C

Understanding the condition of the colony provides you with the insights needed to maximise spring build-up and mitigate loss through winter. The HiveBeats Environmental Monitor collects information from a variety of onboard sensors, and then sends it all to the HiveBeats Mobile App.

If you already have a ModuSense Controller Gateway nearby (within range), the data from the HiveBeats sensors will be automatically picked up and transmitted.

Monitoring the strength of the colony without opening the hive, means less disruption and happier bees.
Trigger on Hive Open
Monitor Temperature
Monitor Humidity
Monitor Air Quality