Learn about the HiveBeats Environmental Monitor

The HiveBeats Environmental Monitor collects vital information from a variety of sensors, and then sends it all to the HiveBeats Mobile App


Humans and animals need the right temperature to be comfortable and productive, and our food needs the right temperature to be safe.


A humid environment encourages condensation and mould to grow causes issues for human health and well-being.

Air Quality

Volatile Organic Compounds are one of the main contributors of bad air quality. These can include cleaning agents, solvents, and paints. Some have a strong odour, but some do not. Know what is in the air.


Knowing light levels can assist in the right time to turn on air conditioners or heaters depending on the season. It can also detect when light is detected when you know it is no meant to be.

Bluetooth Connectivity

When used stand-alone via Bluetooth, the HiveBeats Environmental Monitoring Sensor will log up to 3 months of data - downloadable to any Android or iOS mobile device running the HiveBeats App.

Web App

When used with an IoT Indoor Gateway or synced manually using the HiveBeats App, the HiveBeats Environmental Monitoring Sensor sends data in real-time so you can monitor it remotely.

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